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• ( Q ) Where are we located?

( A ) Old House Glass Works is located in the Forty Mile Bend of Tallahatchie County on our farm, at the very end of a three mile long gravel road cul de sac. Our mailing address is through the Philipp, MS post office.

• ( Q ) Are your products earth friendly?

( A ) Yes our products are 100% earth friendly. Glass naturally occurs when lava from active volcanoes cools and when lightening strikes beach sand. We have also incorporated other natural earth elements such as Delta dirt and sand from the Gulf region into our glass pendants. The jewelry findings on our earrings are either 18k gold filled or Sterling Silver plated. All of the System 96 glass that we use is manufactured in the United States.

• ( Q ) What shows do you attend?

( A ) We attend many craft shows in the Spring and in the Fall. Learn more about them in our news section where we will post our 2016 schedule as we book them.

• ( Q ) Can you make custom jewelry?

( A ) Yes, we can make special items at customers request. Just contact us and we will help you.

• ( Q ) How long have you been in business?

( A ) We have maintained a stained glass studio for 15 years and have been doing glass fusion work since 2007.

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