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• About Old House Glass Works

Old House Glass Works creates dichroic fused glass earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are unique and one of a kind in design; we also offer a variety of gift items using the fusion process and dichroic glass. We create custom designed stained glass windows on a commission basis.

• What we offer

We offer unique, one of a kind, dichroic fused glass creations in jewelry, gift items and art work for your home.

• Mission Statement

How I fell head over heels in love with colored glass!

• Info on Dichroic Coatings

What is a dichroic coating? In a simple answer, it is a metal oxide applied to glass within a vacuum chamber. The number of applications will determine the color achieved. Metal oxides used in glass work is also an ancient process and was used starting in A.D. 240 until the mid 4th century when the knowledge of the process was lost.

• Testimonials from Clients

Compliments from very happy Old House Glass Works customers.

What we offer

Old House Glass Works creates a variety of different offerings for our customers. Our primary thrust using dichroic fused glass is in jewelry items, like earrings, signed pendants, necklaces, and bracelets; we do custom designed jewelry items, too. We also offer pins, bolo ties, cuff links, money clips and tie clasps which feature dichroic fused glass. Other excellent offering are suncatchers, Christmas tree ornaments and picture frames. We especially enjoy creating our 10x10 inch art glass pieces which come with a wrought iron stand and are simply gorgeous accessories for your home. In addition, we design and build custom stained glass windows for any room in your home that are complimentary to your color scheme and decor.

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