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Old House Glass Works creates dichroic fused glass earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are unique and one of a kind in design; we also offer a variety of gift items using the fusion process and dichroic glass. We create custom designed stained glass windows on a commission basis.

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We offer unique, one of a kind, dichroic fused glass creations in jewelry, gift items and art work for your home.

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How I fell head over heels in love with colored glass!

• Info on Dichroic Coatings

What is a dichroic coating? In a simple answer, it is a metal oxide applied to glass within a vacuum chamber. The number of applications will determine the color achieved. Metal oxides used in glass work is also an ancient process and was used starting in A.D. 240 until the mid 4th century when the knowledge of the process was lost.

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Compliments from very happy Old House Glass Works customers.

About Old House Glass Works

Old House Glass Works opened the studio in 1992 and has since built many custom designed stained glass transom windows, kitchen windows, and wedding gift windows for clients in Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. It is particularly enjoyable to work with our clients in choosing a theme and color scheme for their very personal work of art windows.

When glass fusion work came into the art world, OHGW was instantly attracted to the possibility of a stained glass work of art without any lead lines, which is how traditional stained glass windows are constructed. We took an introductory course in glass fusion in Mobile, Alabama and created our first fused glass pieces - a picture frame and a tile. About 3 years later, the glass supply companys began to advertise dichroic coated glass. The first time we actually saw a piece of fired dichroic coated glass, we were hooked! The beauty of this glass is incredible and so addictive! Shortly thereafter, the glass kiln was purchased and serious learning was underway in the studio.

The first pieces created were picture frames and decorative tiles, which were inserted into the tops of small jewelry treasure boxes. Next, we proceeded on to creating the jewelry to go into these treasure boxes in the form of necklaces and earrings. While we were in the learning process, the glass companies were busy putting the dichroic coatings onto all types of glass and in many, many beautiful colors. In the beginning, the solid colors were applied to a black or clear glass base; then they applied the coatings to textured glass, which changed the final fired appearance all together. Next came dichroic coatings in multiple patterns and then in a form that crinkles when fired and takes on the appearance of a faceted gem. The multicolored dichroic coatings were applied to decal material so that a design could be achieved using various punches and then applied to the glass, as any decal would be used. Dichroic coatings next were put into a format similar to that of glitter and it could be sprinkled onto the glass before firing.

The art market now has glass paints that are applied with a tubular applicator. The same glass paints can also be used on fusible paper and encapsulated between two pieces of glass. Then there are the mica powders and mica chips which can also be captured between two pieces of glass for a truly unique and beautiful finished product. One of the most interesting applications has been to capture some of the Mississippi Delta dirt between glasses in the form of a necklace and applying a dichroic decal punchout of an eighth note. These necklaces, known as Mississippi Mojos, have been sold to blues music fans from all over the world; and, because they are encapsulated between the glasses, this treasured and magical dirt can easily pass through customs when our clients travel back to France, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands and Australia. We have also created necklaces that capture the beautiful white sands from the Gulf Coast region and feature a dichroic decal punchout of a palm tree. Other available embellishments are 22k gold decals in many shapes which are permantly bonded when fired and 22k gold pens that fire to a brilliant luster with whatever design you draw.

Always looking to try something different with glass fusion, OHGW began creating 10 x 10 inch art glass pieces. Many of these pieces feature coastal themes and musical themes, but can also contain any design your mind and heart can dream up. Figuring out just how to make your dream become a reality is the fun part of creating a leadless stained glass window and the thrill in opening the lid of the kiln to reveal the finished product can be breath taking!

With all of the beautiful colored glasses and the gorgeous dichroic coated glasses and all of the many and varied embellishments available, you will quickly come to the conclusion that the possibilities in this art medium are endless! Working in this medium has become a journey of discovery for OHGW and we invite you to come along with us. We are producing unique and one of a kind handcrafted works of art in the studio. We are in love with our art and are so very gratified that you, our clients, are, too! We invite you to browse through the galleries often; we surely would not want you to miss any of the newest creations!

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